¡¡¡¡Xi¡¯an Siyuan University attaches great importance to the development of moral, academic and physical education. Successful reforms have been initiated and the progress has been praised by provincial departments and offices. The awards are: ¡°Pilot University for Implementation of Physical Education¡±, ¡°Model Establishment for Physical Education¡±, ¡°Pilot University for Project Sunshine Physical Education in Shaanxi¡±. Both Chairman Zhou Yanbo and Dean Wang Qingbo of Physical Education Department are awarded ¡°Model of Physical Education in Shaanxi¡±.

¡¡¡¡The stadium covers 120,000 square meters with perfect facilities.

¡¡¡¡Extra-curriculum training and sport competition are the highlights in physical education. There are 11 sport teams by students all year around. Starting 2013, Siyuan has got No.1 prize for 3 successive years in men¡¯s team, women¡¯s team and the mixed team. Totally, Siyuan has been awarded 38 gold medals, 16 silver medals and 18 bronze medals.

¡¡¡¡Siyuan is geared for powerful university in sports and athletics.