Bailu Academy was founded on June 28 2005. The initiative was launched by Mr. Chen Zhongshi and by Xi¨an Siyuan University with Mr. Chen Zhongshi acting as Dean of Bailu College and College of Liberal Arts, which shows that Siyuan has moved up to a new stage.

  The College has institutes of literature and arts with 112 experts. 56 Famous writers like Cong Weixi, Xiong Zhaozheng, Wang Xufeng, Yan Zhen and well-known critics like Yan Gang, Bai Ye, He Xilai are invited to be the experts in the Institute of Literature of the College. Another 56 famous artists like Liu Wenxi, Zhong Mingshan, Wu Sanda, Yang Xiaoyang, Ru Gui, Jiang Wenzhan, Li Chengtao, Lei Zhenmin are invited to be the exprts of Arts of the College. The College has now become an arts palace for domestic literature and arts elites.

  The College works with Siyuan to hold Siyuan Lecture Hall and Forum. Famous writers are invited for lectures like Chen Zhongshi, Zhang Xianliang, Xiong Zhaozheng, Wang Liqun, Zhong Binglin, Zhang Qizhi, Ma Zhien, and Feng Boqin, which widens channels for student.

  Each March and April witness the blooming of sakura. Bailu College jointly holds Bailu Party with Siyuan, where elites from Shaanxi gather together with Siyuan students, enjoying flowers, paintings, dances. The Party brings us not only comprehension of elegance but more respect to knowledge and elegant cultures.