ESL Teachers Recruitment
A EFL Teacher Recruitment:
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Citizenship: Any native citizen from Britain, the United States,

Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
Eligibilities: Above undergraduate ( including undergraduate ) degree with no restriction to majors; College diploma with TESOL or TESL or CELTA; Standard pronunciation and intonation; Clear in expression; Enthusiastic in English teaching.

B Remuneration:
See specifics in e-mailed reply.

C Work Requirements:
1£İLanguage teachers: No less than 16 periods a week; Extra pay for more workload. Expected to teach English, tutor students with their English Corner and host talks on native social customs
2£İProgram teachers: Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Network Security and Analyst

D. Contact Info:
Tel: (029)-82616664 Fax: (029)-82616616