Chairman Zhou Yanbo at the Euro-Asia Education Forum
¡¡¡¡The fourth Euro-Asia Economics Forum was ceremoniously held in Xi¡¯an between Sep.23-24, 2011. On the same day, the Euro-Asia Educational Cooperation Conference was open as an important annual meeting to the Forum. On behalf of Shaanxi higher educational institutions, Chairman Zhou Yanbo, Mr. Li Weimin, head of Siyuan¡¯s Higher Education Institute, and Director Zhou Shiheng were present at the ceremony. Chairman Zhou introduced Siyuan¡¯s achievements and experiences in Sino-Foreign educational collaboration since the founding of Siyuan University at the forum of ¡° Sustainable Development for Private Education¡±, which received high concerns from the delegates.
¡¡¡¡At the tea break, Chairman Zhou was interviewed by many media and press such as Xi¡¯an Daily, Global Times, Sanqin Daily. Hot issues were touched in private institutions of enrollment, student employment, creative preparation, starting enterprise under current resource-shrinking circumstances.
¡¡¡¡In Siyuan, HRM section emailed questions to all newly-enrolled students and acquired information on student¡¯s motive, program selection and employment intention for completing marketing survey on student resources to provide scientific base for enrollment promotion strategy. The Career Development Center has a guidance office which sets up a compulsory course of Career Development and Employment Instruction offering students more knowledge of national policy, work experiences, preparations, scenario to accommodate them to various favorable assistance. Siyuan is not blindly optimistic or conservative. It aims at community demand and future program requirements to keep accordance with the market.
¡¡¡¡As for this year¡¯s enrollment, he said most programs had completed admission plans, esp. financial management, Chinese Literature, civil engineering, architecture, international trade were registered with full state quota. The overall enrollment is 300 more than it did last year in spite of resource crisis.
Chairman Zhou emphasized that, the crisis started from 2009 and the ¡°turning point¡± or ¡°card reshuffling¡± are preferred only to the trade, not specific institutions. There may be bad enterprises but not bad trade itself. Private institutions must have creation. Internationalization is a fast and sustainable motive power and we have to catch this new chance for development.
¡¡¡¡The organizer of the conference is Education Forum for Asia and co-sponsored by The Boao forum for Asia, UNESCO, China Scholarship Council. It was advocated in 2003 by the former Philippine President Ramos, former Kazakhstan¡¯s Prime Minister Sergey Terechshenko, former Korean Prime Minister Li Shou Cheng, former Prime Minister of Nepal Kirti Nidhi Bista, former Prime Minister of New Zealand Jane Shipley, Director Sheldon Shuvel of Asia-Pacific Regional Office of UNESCO, Bangkok, Chairman Wu Rongke of Macao Foundation. The purpose of the Forum is ¡° To Set Up A Bridge For Cooperative Education¡±.