Siyuan Invited At International Forum On Global Private Education
¡¡¡¡An international forum on global private education was jointly held by Beijing University, Xi¡¯an International University, America¡¯s Harvard University and Arcadia University between May 28-29. Invited from Siyuan to the forum were President Zhai Hong, Director Li Weimin from Research Institute of Education and Director Zhou Shiheng from International Cooperation and Exchanges Office.
¡¡¡¡President Zhai Hong delivered a speech centered around reflection on internationalized exchanges. He briefly summarized Siyuan¡¯s international exchanges since 2002, and raised 4 pieces of concerns in the development of internationalization for private education to which was paid highly attention.
¡¡¡¡Mr. Li Weimin, assistant to President Zhai, hosted the second day forum as standing Vice-Director of Higher Education Commission of China¡¯s Private Education Association. The topic at the forum was "Research, Exploration and Innovation of China's Private Education In Knowledge society. " 133 representatives from domestic and foreign universities participated in this forum.